Just curious if others are on this plan. I switched last Friday and have been pleasantly surprised. I had 2 iPhone 6's on an AT&T 3GB family plan with a FAN discount and was paying $86.00 a month. The T-Mobile plan is $60.00 a month unlimited data, text and calling for 2 lines. I am still ahead even losing my $10.00 DirecTV bundle discount. My local store helped me through the unlocking process and porting went through immediately. AT&T prompted me to change my user ID so I can still manage DirecTV through them.

The service has been excellent and it seems my browsing is faster and calls are clearer with no dropouts. I also use Wi-fi calling and it seems to work better then the AT&T version. I signed up for T-mobile Tuesdays and got a free Redbox rental and $.30 cents a gallon off of a Shell fill up. We will see how it goes in the long run, but there is no commitment and I can switch to something different anytime if I need to.