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Thread: How to download a Cutting Edge (CE) release

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    How to download a Cutting Edge (CE) release

    Download times
    Cutting Edge releases are usually available on Friday and Saturday nights after 11:00pm Eastern time. This is done so that this test software is not accidentally loaded onto customer devices during the times when installers could be in the home. If you attempt to download at any other time, you will get the current national release, which could result in lost recordings or settings.

    Opting out or going back to national release software
    If you no longer wish to test Cutting Edge software, follow the download procedure during regular daytime hours. This will load national release software on your receiver. Consult the release notes for the software you have downloaded; in some cases reverting to an earlier release can cause lost recordings.

    How to download

    • Reboot the receiver. This can be done by pressing {MENU} then choosing "Settings&Help," "Settings," "Reset," "Restart Receiver."
    • Press the {DASH} button to the left of the zero to confirm.
    • When you see the first blue screen, enter the following sequence on the remote: 0 2 4 6 8
    • If you have been successful, you will see a blue screen indicating that your receiver is searching for new software. If you see the regular DIRECTV graphic, you have not been successful.

    If you change your mind while downloading
    You can safely stop a download before it reaches 90% by pressing the red reset button on your receiver. After 90%, you're committed to the download process.

    Some tips

    • It may take you some practice to get the sequence right. On some receivers the window is very short.
    • Some people have found it useful to put leading zeroes in to try to help with timing, example pressing "00002468."
    • On older receivers or DVRs, it may be necessary to use a remote set for IR mode for this process.
    • If you have manually set your receiver to use a codeset other than 00001, you may need to keep a second remote handy set to the 00001 codeset in order to download.
    • The process will pause several times between 90% and 97%. This is normal.
    • If your receiver fails to load any release for about 15 minutes, it will reboot with the old software in place.

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    How to pull a CE download if you have an HS17 Genie 2

    This is a little harder than with other receivers.

    Several users have indicated the following procedure does in fact work. Proceed at your own risk: (edit - added by Carl)

    In order to participate in Cutting Edge downloads on the Genie 2, there are a few more steps.

    (1) Disconnect the Genie 2 from the internet. This may be as easy as disconnecting the network cable or you may need to temporarily disconnect your router if you connected via Wi-Fi. It is possible to change the internet setup using the menus on the client, but then you would have to reconnect after the download is over. EDITED: Added by Carl - It may work okay with internet connected.

    (2) Press the red reset button on the Genie 2. All live and recorded TVs on the client boxes will stop working.

    (3) At this point, as the box reboots you should see the "Add Client" button at "STATUS" LED on the front turn solid white. When you see that, press and hold the Add Client button until the white light flashes and the download will commence. You won't see a lot of feedback other than the flashing lights on the front. Important: If the light does not turn white do not push the button.

    Sit back and wait 20 minutes to see if the download finishes. Once you are back on live TV, you can confirm the software version from the client by pressing {MENU} and going to the system setup screens to Info&Test, then selecting "Genie 2 Info" or "Server Info.

    We are working on a new solution for this, please bear with us.
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