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Thread: AT&T Combined Account and Accessing DTV Site Assistance

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    It appears I changed my password for by signing up for the ATT forums. When I tried to sign up with my usual user name MAChavez00, it said it was being used. I tried the "forgot my password and entered my email. It took two days before it showed up. In the meantime I signed up with a new user name and my email. Today i tried to sign into and it told me my password was incorrect and has locked me out for one hour. I will try the att forum password then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrinker View Post
    Looks like its my turn to be forced into the migration. I have absolutely no AT&T service of any kind outside of Directv. I no longer can log into as it tells me to go to I received an email as well that states I have a new AT&T account number associated with my Directv account and everything will be handled from this point forward on the site. My Directv account number of so many years is now non-existent and replaced with that new AT&T account number. All billing, etc will be handled by AT&T directly so I will have to update my bill pay service to the new account number, and AT&T address. I am told 2.5 million have been converted this way and they continue each day until everyone on Directv is migrated to the AT&T system with AT&T account numbers. So far I have not been able to login to, they tell me it will complete in the next 24-48 hours and then I will be able to login to the site. I was hoping this day would not happen but here it is. All this information I received from the Directv Customer Service Online Chat when I asked them why I cant log in to anything online. Anyway, just wanted to share my experience so far with account migration.
    Well, they got to me last week. The transition was smoother, but I no longer can find useful information that I used to get on my DirecTV account. The site is designed for clueless customers, and ranks close to the help from the clueless CSR's.
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