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Thread: Problem with Genie 2 wireless system

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    Problem with Genie 2 wireless system

    I have a Genie 2 wireless system and I have one room that cannot receive a signal from the base unit. The strange part is that the location worked for months and only recently will not reach the base station. The location is much closer than other locations in the home. I have swapped the Genie 2 remote stations and that doesn't seem to work either. The location is less than 20 feet from the base station; however, the signal does have to pass through 2 walls and 2 mirrors. I have an EERO wireless net module in the room (don't know if that impacts signal) and others in the home. I recently updated the software and also tried to move the receiver along the wall to different locations to see if it could gather a better signal. No luck.

    Anything else I can try? I am limited to the wall that the unit is on and cannot move it to a completely different wall.

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    Any chance you could do a wired connection? I consider wireless to be a consideration only if there is no possibility of doing a wired connection.

    But some other thoughts: Make sure the Genie2 itself is properly installed (standing upright for example). Try repositioning the Genie2 itself, or even moving it to a different location/room.

    Your EERO system could be interfering with the Genie2, both use wifi signals. Try moving your EERO device(s) farther from the Genie2 and/or client.

    The mirrors could have materials in them that interfere with the signals. Try to establish a line/path between the Genie2 and the client without any mirrors in the path.

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    I you move the wireless client to a different room that doesn't go through as many walls and mirror to see if that helps. Does the client have a green LED if not what color? If green but not connecting you might want to hold the reset button on the client for 30 seconds to reset it to defaults and go through the add client function again.

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    A mirror will reflect a wireless signal as well as it does light.
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