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Thread: Effect on government shutdown on Directv's plans?

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    Effect on government shutdown on Directv's plans?

    Since the FCC is closed during the shutdown, as long as it goes on Directv won't be able to file or get approvals on satellite moves or the eventual launch of T16. One would hope it doesn't go on for months, but if it does I wonder how much of a problem it could be for them during this rather critical time. Does anyone know if there is some provision for stuff to go forward if the FCC doesn't accept or reject an application within a certain amount of time?

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    The FCC put out their plan here:
    Impact of Potential Lapse in Funding on Commission Operations | Federal Communications Commission

    Any expiring STA's have been extended until after the resumption of operations, so the STA to operate D15/T15 @ 101 is safe.

    The electronic filing system is still open, but they won't be processed until after the shutdown, so that's something that would affect new launches that have yet to be filed and/or approved.

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