The orbital slot consolidation is complete - the end state listed in what was posted for that was to do all new installs with SL3RB and they're already there (though it sounds like they still haven't quite got the music channels on 99cr working for everyone for whatever reason)

The actual shutting down of 110/119/95 wasn't part of the orbital slot consolidation project, it merely had that project as one of its preconditions. The other precondition being that no customers are still receiving any content from those slots. That's done for 110 already as you note, and assuming shutting all the spot beams on 101 & 119 is still scheduled for this year then they can move the six CONUS transponders on 119 to six new CONUS transponders on 101 and will be able to shut down 119.

I'm still curious what caused them to push things back a year for dropping nationals, since the document I had from last July said the end of 2019. I just looked back at it to see if it was possible I misinterpreted the language, but it clearly states: "Still targeting end of 2019 for full migration to HD-capable equipment". Of course it also states: "<10% migrated since SD to HD Migration Project kicked off in April 2016" but that's not surprising since they had only recently started sending out the letters at the time this was written. Maybe while contacting by DMA worked OK for those who have locals, maybe they missed customers on DNS like RV/boat accounts and decided they weren't leaving them enough time.