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Thread: DirecTV Genie 2 IP Address Allocation Question

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    Question DirecTV Genie 2 IP Address Allocation Question

    I apologize in advance - I'm NOT a DirecTV person. I know nothing about their devices. I am however an IT person. I've been searching the Internet but I am unable to find an answer to my question.

    The Question.

    I have a customer with AT&T uVerse Service. They also have a new Genie 2 device in their AV Cabinet. I know the uVerse modem is a newer AC model (Pace 5286AC - I just cannot recall if it is connected via an RJ11 or COAX).

    The Genie 2 device is connected via COAX. There is an Ethernet port on the back of the Genie 2.

    If I plug my laptop into the Genie 2 Ethernet port, I get an IP address off of the AT&T uVerse modem (192.168.1.x) with the AT&T gateway appliance being at

    How does the Genie 2 distribute IP out of it's rear Ethernet port?

    1. Is it connected via wifi to the uVerse Gateway and acting as a bridge (wifi to Ethernet bridge)?
    2. Or, is it connecting to the uVerse gateway over the coax medium using MoCA - and dolling out IP in this manner (i realize the AT&T uverse gateway would also have to be connected via COAX in order for topology to work).

    If it's a wifi bridge, I can see that as being problematic.
    If it's MoCA - I would assume that LAN IP performance would be consistent and great, assuming a clean RG6 cable plant throughout the house.

    Please advise.....

    If more information is needed - kindly let me know. Again, I apologize for the newb question.... I did read the Genie 2 manual and it doesn't have any information regarding this question (at least that I could find).

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    You can go into settings and it will tell you in the settings info for the genie 2 where is getting its internet from. I’m guessing it’s wireless, because I don’t see them connecting the att modem via moca. I’d unplug your device from the genie 2 Ethernet port first though.

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