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Thread: 4-tuner Recast $179 today, 7/1/19

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    4-tuner Recast $179 today, 7/1/19

    Great gadget, if you have a good selection of OTA channels available. No monthly charges for guide service.

    Comes with 4 tuners and 1 TB of storage. A model with 2 tuners and 500GB is $50 less.

    Refurbished Firesticks can be used as clients and sell for as low as $25 on Amazon.

    Looks like it records native resolution but transcodes to 720p/60 for streaming.
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    I picked up a Tablo when DIRECTV pulled their mobile DVR support so I could still stream local channels while on the road. For full functionality you need to subscribe to their guide function which now also allows for automatic commercial skipping when used with certain clients.

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