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Thread: HR24 no longer shows logos for channels

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    HR24 no longer shows logos for channels

    Not sure where to post this exactly but on another site some users have noticed the HR24 no longer shows the logos (when available) of the respective channels in the guide.

    Model HR24-100
    Software 0xc23 - Tue 9/24, 3:52a

    I really never pay attention to this myself (except when my OCD kicked in during the Nexstar dispute and I saw Video Rola on my OTA CBS affiliate but that's a known issue). The issue becomes more apparent if you use the QuickTune feature on these models.

    The Genie (HR44+) and Minis seem to be unaffected since they are using the new GUI as they still have the logos as per normal. Just thought this was weird.

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    Same, two (2) HR24-500 (Software 0xbbd) lost all the channel logos, first noticed it on Monday 9/23 and a reboot +48 hrs. did not correct.
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    i lost them too

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    The logos returned today, and now it's finally the updated set of logos instead of the ones last updated in 2017.

    And they screwed up on something. Most of the Univision locals are still mapped to logo_id 182 which was the logo_id for the previous Univision logo, instead of the new logo which has logo_id 421. They gave logo_id 182 to NESN Plus, so many of the Univision locals like WXTV, WUVP WGBO, WLTV, KWEX, KDTV and KUVN now have the NESN Plus logo. LA's affiliate KMEX is mapped to the correct logo_id, along with Boston who had a recent Univision/UniMas affiliation swap.

    BTW, yes the OTA CBS stations are still screwed up. That won't be fixed until they adjust the OTA mappings to use logo_id 394 after they gave Videorola logo_id 19. It would be nice if they also added logo_ids to the CW (677), Univision (421), Unimas (393), Telemundo (228), MyNet (664), Ion (423), Azteca (348), Estrella (61), TBN (129), Enlace (918), Hillsong (114), Daystar (582), SBN (278), HSN (551), QVC (127), QVC2 (153), Jewelry (709) and ShopHQ (173) broadcast stations, since right now only the OTA entries for the Big 4 and PBS have logo_id mappings.
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