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Thread: Update to Your EPIX Account

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    Update to Your EPIX Account

    I received the following e-mail this morning from EPIX...Hello!...We're very excited to let you know that EPIX subscribers from DIRECTV and AT&T TV can now log in to and the EPIX apps with DIRECTV and AT&T TV credentials...Simply select your provider from the drop-down and enter your provider credentials to update your account from the VIP Guest account to your subscriber account...If you've already started using your provider credentials to access EPIX, then there's nothing else you need to do...Congrats!...You can update your EPIX account at any time, but the VIP Guest account we previously provided to you will expire by October 31, 2019...We hope you're enjoying your EPIX experience...If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us at!...I know all good things must come to an end but I'm really going to miss having that VIP Guest account.
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    I subscribe to streaming Epix through Amazon Prime video. There's a small monthly fee.

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