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Thread: Edgecutter Exclusive Review: DIRECTV "5D2RB" Reverse Band LNB

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    Does this LNB work with the HR20 and HR23 receivers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent View Post
    Does this LNB work with the HR20 and HR23 receivers?
    It worked with my HR20s when I had them

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    It does indeed work on all legacy boxes, anything that can read legacy swm that is. Including the nearly extinct d12 and r16.

    However it is my opinion that this lnb will soon be discontinued, since all 119 data is currenctly mirrored to the 99cr, it doesnt make financial sense to continue producing lnbs that read it. Unless there is a new long term plan for 101,110,119.

    I know i saw somewhere on an rv forum that quest is claiming that the hd boxes (h24/hr24) will provide hd programming using their dish. So who knows.

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