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Thread: Transponder Maps: Domestic, Mexico, Latin ~ Data 10/18/2017

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    Totally unrelated, but I noticed something else I can't believe I never noticed before. While the 'initial setup' only adds channels in Directv's database, If I follow it up with a "scan for channels", it still does the full OTA scan! It is finding all those subchannels that aren't in Directv's database due to having a TMS ID > 65535. I wonder if that's true on the HR20, or if subsequent firmware upgrades "fixed" that? It even picks up the station names (i.e. COMET or whatever) from PSIP. I also noticed my Fox affiliate has apparently added a fourth subchannel, great!
    Great find!

    For the ancient H20s I guess ...

    The problem is there is no "Scan For Channels" option in the UI for the AM21 hookups to my knowledge.

    Don't know about the HR20 as I've never had one. But I doubt it as well ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by inkahauts View Post
    I believe that is just becasue you are using a h20. It’s the only one left that can do that as far as I know.
    True, but I didn't even realize it still could. Up until its last firmware update in fall 2013 when you did the "initial setup" for OTA it would do a full scan and add all the subchannels. Their final firmware update changed that, but maybe someone forgot to remove the "scan for channels" menu item when they made that other change. That why I was curious about the HR20, it has a built in tuner like the H20 so maybe it still can, but on the other hand it still gets updates so if they intended to remove "scan for channels" but never got another crack at it when they decided to stop updating the H20's firmware they have had plenty of chances.

    I used to think it was a bad thing that they stopped updating the firmware, and there has been one problem - you can't check signal strength on it since 99ca was added to the NIT, except if you disconnect the coax when it boots up to prevent the initial download. But not upgrading firmware means they can't break anything or make it any slower, or as it turns out remove the ability to scan for subchannels. Obviously that menu item has been staring me in the face all this time, but I just never tried it since when I did the initial setup it wouldn't pick them up. Some of the H20s that were set up during the window after my local ABC station added their third subchannel but before that last firmware update could access the 9-3 channel I wanted, but not all of them which was a problem since there were a fair number of Cubs games on that channel.

    Knowing this (and that it works just fine with a DSWM30) makes the H20 better than the H24 as far as I'm concerned, and since I decided to sell my AM21s a couple weeks ago due to worry about Directv making them stop working entirely at some point I might see if I can get a few more H20s and sell my owned H24s. It will come in handy next year since I've been having to use a workaround of switching to the TV's tuner (unencrypted SD QAM) to pick up the Cubs games on 9-3. This way I could get all of them via the Directv receiver. The whole reason I sold the AM21s after baseball season was because I only used them to pick up 9-2, but I figured if we could use the QAM tuner for 9-3 why not also use it for 9-2 and get $175/ea for the AM21s before they possibly become doorstops in the near future.

    While there's a chance Directv orphans the H20 along with all the MPEG2 hardware in 2019, surely by then they'll have a proper client based solution for commercial customers such as myself. All the money I made from the AM21s, and could make from the H24s, would go along way towards paying for five HS17s (or successor) and a horde of clients down the road
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