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Thread: Transponder Maps ~ Data 10/16/2019

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    Transponder Maps ~ Data 10/16/2019

    TPN Map For Directv SKY Brasil Satellites
    @ 45W: SKY_B1 (IS32)
    @ 45W: SKY_B2 (Directv KU45)

    TPN Map For Directv SKY Mexico Satellites
    @ 79W: SKY_M1

    TPN Map For Directv Latin America Satellites
    @ 95W: DLA1, DLA2

    TPN Map For Directv Domestic Satellites
    @ 95W: G3C
    @ 99W: D11, D14, SW2
    @ 101W: D9S, T16
    @ 103W: D10, D12, D15
    @ 119W: D7S

    See Post #2: Making Sense of the TPN Map Display Conventions

    1. TPN_Map Domestic Presents all Domestic Directv Channels and TPN's: National (50-States or wide/National beams) and Local (Local-Into-Local or narrow/Spot beams).

    Understanding the Domestic TPN Map


    2. TPN_Map Latin The first division of Directv Latin America (DLA) is Panamericana. Entities in this division are Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Uruguay and Venezuela. El Caribe entities are Aruba/Curacao, Barbados, Trinidad/Tobago and Caribe Regional.

    Understanding the Latin (DLA) TPN Map


    The Latin Data Is Very Outdated

    3. TPN_Map México SKY-México is part of a second DLA division which also includes Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panamá.

    Understanding the Mexico (SKY-Mex) TPN Map


    The Mexico Data Is Very Outdated

    4. TPN_Map Brasil SKY-Brasil is a third DLA division but is not presented here

    All documents are fully unprotected so you may copy and use the data as you wish

    The free Microsoft Excel Viewer
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